The opportunity was to design a product and app that will improve the lives of others, then create a brand, marketing campaign, and online presence to promote this product and app. 
My team's product "KilnKey" received an award for being best in the class. It is made for ceramics professors, studio owners, and studio techs. This device attaches to the side of a clay kiln, connecting to an app giving the user the ability to control the kiln's temperature from anywhere, keep track of schedules, and turn the kiln off in case of an emergency. My responsibilities were initial brainstorming, creating the brand, and social media marketing. The main mark was created to look like slabs of clay, the colors reflecting both clay body and glazes. The hexagon shape mirrors the shape of a standard kiln. The look and feel is both fun and creative, while also staying professional.​​​​​​​

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